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Moving is a lot of work. There are many moving parts (pun intended) and making sure everything goes off without a hitch (one more) requires planning and preparation. Here is an overview of our moving process from first contact to completion. Our expert crew will get you moving in the right direction.

Video Walk-Through & Estimate

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At Mastiff Moving, we do a video walk-through with you in order to understand your contents and structure so we know the proper size crew to assign and the length of time your project may take. Video walk-throughs usually take about 15 minutes and they are an important part of the estimate process. During the walk-through, our Moving Coordinator will gather key information from you that assists us in thoroughly understanding your project in order to provide the most accurate estimate possible. This process allows us to clearly define the tasks you wish us to do and strategize an efficient move day. Once your walk-through is complete, a formal estimate will be emailed to you for your review.

Move Day!

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Your Mastiff crew will arrive at 9:00 am, with an arrival window of 9 to 9:30. After introductions, our communicative and conscientious crew will begin by doing a pre-move walk-through with you to see the layout of your home and listen to any special instructions you have for us. We will also go over our moving strategy with you so you understand our game plan. Moving materials will be unloaded and crew members will get to work with their designated duties. We will meticulously prep your furniture and pack your items, skillfully load the truck, safely transport your goods, unload them at your destination and set them in their designated place with care. Before we leave, we will do a final walk-through with you to make sure everything is complete and you are satisfied with the service you received. Check out our Services page to read about the three service packages we offer.

Mastiff Moving Team
packers and movers in san diego, CA

We recommend that you start prepping for your move as soon as possible.

  1. Declutter by donating or selling unwanted furniture or items
  2. Organize your belongings
  3. Pack essential items in an overnight bag – toiletries, medication, cell chargers, etc.
  4. Contain pets in a safe space or relocate them offsite at a friend or family member’s home
  5.  Clear pathways so the moving crew can easily maneuver inside your home
  6.  If you plan on packing your own boxes…be packed and ready to go.

All loose items are packed in boxes and ready for the crew to load into the truck.

  1.  Boxes are packed all the way to the top, taped shut and clearly labeled.
  2. Remove all clothing from dresser drawers and leave drawers inside of the dressers.

If your goal is to lower the cost of your move, here are some suggestions:

  1.  declutter your home before move day. When in doubt…throw it out.
  2. pack your own boxes and be ‘packed and ready to go’ on move day.
  3.  choose a staging area for all your packed boxes and place them there.
  4. transport all odd-sized/shaped items in your personal vehicle, on or before move day. Items such as table lamps, floor lamps, unusual accessories or art, musical instruments, potted plants, etc. Moving these types of items on your own will cut costs for you.
  5.  disassemble furniture ahead of time and place hardware in labeled Ziploc bag and keep it with the furniture piece it belongs to.
  6. dismount TVs from wall prior to move day. Pack in new TV box if you do not have the original manufacturer’s box.
  7. Keep pathways clear so crew can easily maneuver through the house

Optimally, it would be fantastic to schedule your move at least 7 days in advance. However, we are always happy to accommodate short-notice moves as long as there is availability on our calendar and we have enough notice to schedule crew. We have been known to pull off a miracle when customers have called with a last-minute move!

We understand that things come up and plans can change. If you need to reschedule your move, please let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and schedule a new move date for you based on our availability.

Welcome to Your New Home!

Our moving process
At Mastiff Moving, we treat every customer as if they are a member of our own family.
We are committed to making your moving process a positive and memorable experience.
We are proud to serve our hometown of San Diego and we would be honored if you joined our Mastiff family by allowing Mastiff Moving to become your trustworthy moving companion and assist you in your moving process.

Request a quote and our Moving Coordinator will promptly call you

Request a quote and our Moving Coordinator will promptly call you

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