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Frequently Asked Questions

We are your trustworthy moving companions! At Mastiff Moving, we take pride in a job well done. Our trained staff is clean-cut, caring and courteous. We provide professional and skilled service for each of our valued customers. We understand you’ve worked hard for all you have and our priority is to move your household goods to their new location and have them all arrive in top condition. From your largest furniture pieces to your smallest delicate accessories, we meticulously wrap, protect and pack your precious possessions. Whether you have a studio apartment or an expansive estate, with Mastiff Moving you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are in safe and reliable hands throughout the entire moving process. 

Yes! Mastiff Moving is fully licensed by Caltrans and The Bureau of Household Goods and Services with the State of California. 

Cal-T #0192354

Yes! Mastiff Moving is fully insured and offers three (3) coverage options. Our customers are able to choose between Basic coverage, Actual Cash Value protection or Full Value protection. 

Mastiff Moving is designated as an intrastate moving company, fully licensed and permitted to provide service within the state of California. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with an out-of-state move because we are not licensed as an interstate moving company.

We recommend that you start prepping for your move as soon as possible.

  1. Declutter by donating or selling unwanted furniture or items
  2. Organize your belongings
  3. Pack essential items in an overnight bag – toiletries, medication, cell chargers, etc.
  4. Contain pets in a safe space or relocate them offsite at a friend or family member’s home
  5.  Clear pathways so the moving crew can easily maneuver inside your home
  6.  If you plan on packing your own boxes…be packed and ready to go.

All loose items are packed in boxes and ready for the crew to load into the truck.

  1.  Boxes are packed all the way to the top, taped shut and clearly labeled.
  2. Remove all clothing from dresser drawers and leave drawers inside of the dressers.

If your goal is to lower the cost of your move, here are some suggestions:

  1.  declutter your home before move day. When in doubt…throw it out.
  2. pack your own boxes and be ‘packed and ready to go’ on move day.
  3.  choose a staging area for all your packed boxes and place them there.
  4. transport all odd-sized/shaped items in your personal vehicle, on or before move day. Items such as table lamps, floor lamps, unusual accessories or art, musical instruments, potted plants, etc. Moving these types of items on your own will cut costs for you.
  5.  disassemble furniture ahead of time and place hardware in labeled Ziploc bag and keep it with the furniture piece it belongs to.
  6. dismount TVs from wall prior to move day. Pack in new TV box if you do not have the original manufacturer’s box.
  7. Keep pathways clear so crew can easily maneuver through the house

Optimally, it would be fantastic to schedule your move at least 7 days in advance. However, we are always happy to accommodate short-notice moves as long as there is availability on our calendar and we have enough notice to schedule crew. We have been known to pull off a miracle when customers have called with a last-minute move!

We understand that things come up and plans can change. If you need to reschedule your move, please let us know as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and schedule a new move date for you based on our availability.

At Mastiff Moving, we aim to exceed your expectations. The best form of thanks for a job well done is a review or a recommendation because it helps our family business grow. If you would like to compliment us on social media platforms, we invite you to visit Google, Yelp and Nextdoor. Also, please personally share your experience with us with your family and friends!

That is completely up to you! Though tips are not required, they are always appreciated and gratefully accepted. If a customer chooses to tip their crew, the amount most often given is $20 or more per crew member. Tips may either be given in cash or added as a line item to your invoice. 

Yes. Mastiff Moving has a 4 hour minimum charge for labor. If your moving job takes less than 4 hours you will still be invoiced for 4 hours. Any labor time spent above the 4 hour minimum is invoiced at the actual labor time spent. 

Yes. Per California State labor law, we are required to charge the customer time and a half after the 8th hour. For larger moving projects that take longer than 8 hours, we may mutually decide to split your move into two days to avoid putting you into overtime. Our Moving Coordinator will strategize the most cost effective and efficient way to accomplish your moving project. 

Upon completion of your move, our Lead Mover will come to you begin the check-out process. An invoice will be emailed to you and you can click on the link to pay electronically. Your payment is due upon receipt, so please pay your invoice before your crew leaves. 

There are several options for you to make payment. 

  • Cash: There is a 2% discount for paying cash.
  • Check
  • Credit/Debit cards: There is a 3% fee added for paying with credit/debit cards.

Yes. Mastiff Moving will skillfully prep, pack and move all of your special items including: bulky or excessively heavy furniture, grandfather clocks, pianos, gym equipment, sporting goods, safes or appliances. During your video walk-through, please let us know of any specialty items you want us to move.

No. Mastiff Moving will not disconnect or reconnect any appliances or light fixtures. 

  • Customer is responsible for ensuring the water line on their washing machine and fridge is disconnected and water is completely drained from the line prior to our arrival. 
  • Customer is responsible for dismounting light fixtures from ceilings or walls.

Mastiff Moving will not accept hazardous items that are

combustible, corrosive, explosive, or flammable. Hazardous materials, as

defined by the US Secretary of Transportation, are not accepted for shipping.

Here is a list of some of the most common household items that are considered


  • Combustible liquids: rubbing alcohol, motor oil, antifreeze compounds.


  • Corrosives: acids, drain cleaners, photographic acids used in developing film, bleach, batteries, water purifying agents used in swimming pools.


  • Explosives: fireworks, small arms ammunition, flash bulbs. 


  • Flammables: lighter fluid, matches, wood oil stains,petrol-chemical based garden sprays, paint or varnish, paint or varnish removers, butane/propane/gasoline  (garden equipment), signal flares, charcoal briquettes.


  • Compressed gases: aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, scuba diving tanks.

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